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I’m often asked what do I, as a clinical nutritionist, eat in a day. For me, this is an extremely difficult question to answer because it varies massively from day to day. But MOST days tend to follow a similar pattern.

I think it’s important to preface this by saying that what I eat is not appropriate for everyone. Our needs are all different, and this is why I love individualised approaches to nutrition. But given so many of you want to know, here is my day on a plate (from yesterday).

My day on a plate

Breakfast: zucchini slice with a latte

Mid morning: square of dark chocolate with peanut butter (I wasn’t particularly hungry).

Lunch: large bowl of leftover pesto pasta with roasted pumpkin, chicken, broccolini etc.

Afternoon tea: a latte and a peanut butter protein ball (note: I don’t typically have coffee in the afternoon, but was craving a coffee – for taste not caffeine, and went for a run shortly after this so was able to utilise the extra buzz of adrenaline)

Dinner: 3 hard shell tacos filled with a homemade beef, tomato & spice mix, cheese, avocado, spring onion, capsicum, coriander & a side of leafy greens.

Throughout the day I sipped on water and a herbal tea after lunch.

What do I eat in a week?

This is a snapshot of one day in my life. It’s full of mostly wholefoods, but for convenience and enjoyment, it’s not 100% perfect. Most days would have similar amounts of nourishing food options. But on Saturday’s you’ll often find me grabbing an almond croissant and coffee for breakfast, because it’s delicious. I’m all about a balanced approach that is sustainable.

Depending on my hunger and exercise levels, some days include significantly more snacks. I’m not adverse to having four meals in a day if my workouts call for it. It’s more important that my body is nourished, and not restricted. Food should be used as a mechanism to help us FEEL amazing, and not something to restrict in order to look a certain way. Feel free to reach out if you struggle to find such a healthy relationship with food, or understand how to structure a day on your plate.

Lisa x

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