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Welcome to healthcare & coaching reimagined

Welcome to White Lion Wellness

For the exceedingly rare breed of leaders who are no longer willing to sacrifice their health & wellbeing in creation of their empire and legacy.

For the courageous souls who want to maximise their output, whilst exemplifying the sagacity of a thriving body, mind and spirit.

For the ones ready to further their standing as a crowning exemplary of their industry.

For those ready to lead humanity through the next evolution, with the strength, ferocity, calmness and healthy demeanor of a true leader.

An experience as rare and intentional as you are.

In order to truly extract every ounce of our potential in this lifetime, we must be willing to unleash the depths of our energy, vitality and happiness. We must be willing to honor, rather than bypass, an extraordinary level of health.


I believe, the most selfless thing we can do on this planet, is to have the audacity to support our own wellbeing. For the world benefits when we are out most energised, content, resilient, healthy selves. We become infinitely better humans to be around, and our capacity for service to others is so much greater. In supporting yourself, you pave the way for so many others. You create a ripple effect that promotes the wellbeing of your family, friends, clients, colleagues and community. Together, this is how we change the fate of humanity. This, is how we change the world.

For so long, our healthcare system has focused solely on treating disease and dysfunction. But this is not true health. True health is not merely the absence of illness or infirmity. It is the ability to thrive. It is a body, mind, and emotional being that is flourishing. And I believe, we are all capable and deserving of such a heightened level of wellbeing. This is my mission. To help treat dysfunction, and support my clients in creating a thriving existence. You get to have it all. Truly.

What client's are saying:

Welcome to a new model of luxury wellbeing

I’m the coach for you if:
➕ You’ve got lofty aspirations and a powerful appreciation for your body.
➕ You understand the impact and possibilities created with true health optimization.
➕ You are awed by the power of the mind and believe wholeheartedly in holism
➕ You have an innate knowing you are capable of so much more.
➕ You desire the support of someone who takes personal privacy as seriously as you.

Reigniting and activating the most luxuriously well version of your being doesn’t happen over night. This journey is the most important journey of our lifetime, and it’s why it’s not to be rushed. To work together therefore, I ask for a 6-12 month minimum commitment. Occasionally I’ll have opportunities shorter than this for specific goals to be accomplished together.

I only take on a small number of clients at any one time, in order for you to receive a level of care you’ve never experienced before. Specifically, that looks like: weekly calls, support & guidance via messaging (audio and written), biannual extensive pathology testing & analysis, annual health retreat like nothing you’ve seen before, plus a few surprises to make integration smooth and enjoyable. I’m deeply devoted to seeing you thrive. With such a level of care, requires an investment on your behalf: in both your time, energy & finances (specifically a 6 figure investment).

To work with me 1:1 (or enquire) please apply using the below form, or send me a DM on Instagram (@lisa.stantonsmith). Note the current price to work together over 12 months is a 6 figure investment. ONCE YOUR ENQUIRY IS RECEIVED, WE CAN JUMP ON A CALL TO ESTABLISH IF WE ARE THE RIGHT FIT TO WORK TOGETHER.