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Sports Nutrition

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Sports Nutrition Interviews

Episode 1
Sports Nutrition with Marathoner Jess Stenson (Trengove)

Lisa Stanton-Smith sat down with Jess to discuss all things nutrition and performance in the sporting arena. This included an in depth chat about eating disorders in sport, and how Jess has managed to overcome this challenging culture, and perform at her best.

Episode 2
Sports Nutrition with Geelong Footballer Mark Blicavs

Lisa Stanton-Smith sat down with Geelong Footballer Mark Blicavs in part 2 of her sports nutrition interview series. Learn how Mark fuels for optimal performance, including what strategies have allowed Mark to avoid the common pitfalls of LEA & disordered eating patterns in sport. And how Mark stopped drinking 1L of coke/day!

Episode 3
Sports Nutrition with Distance Runner Madeline Hills
In our most in depth interview yet: Lisa discusses the common perils of distance running and elite performance with Australian distance runner Madeline Hills. In this honest and open chat, Mads shares how best to fuel for athletic excellence, whilst avoiding disordered eating patterns.
Episode 4
Sports Nutrition with New Zealand Runner Like McCallum
In this episode Lisa chats with kiwi distance runner Luke McCallum about food, performance and the all too common issue of REDs. Fresh off a recent training stint in Kenya, Luke shares his insights into returning to form and health back in New Zealand. Certainly an episode not to be missed.