Fuel to Win

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Are you ready to take your sporting performance to the next level?

Over the last few years I’ve helped hundreds of athletes on their journey to:

+ win their first national titles

+ gain selection on their first international team

+ run their first marathon or half marathon

+ begin a sport/event from scratch

+ complete multi-day rides with ease & grace

+ lift heavier

+ become a healthier athlete.

Now, I'm sharing all my secrets in this exclusive program.

This is not just another program by a health practitioner. It's combined with my extensive knowledge and real-world understanding from being an elite athlete myself.

The program:

Module 1: Macronutrients (carbs, protein & fats)

Module 2: Micronutrients & understanding your pathology

Module 3: supplements for high performance

Module 4: Pretraining & post training nutrition

Module 5: Hydration strategies

Module 6: Food & fueling mentality for success

Identify how to create your own nutritional strategy for success

Adopt an elite level mindset around food to boost your performance

Recover like a pro so you can get more from your body and each training session

Ready to create a winning fuel strategy?
You'll gain the confidence, know-how and expertise to create your own winning formula for success in your chosen sport. Packed with the tools to help you optimise your recovery, gain every ounce of your potential, and lead a gloriously long, sustainable life in sport. I wish this course existed 15 years ago!

What people are saying:


Lisa is very knowledgeable with lots of ideas backed up by scientific research. Highly recommend.


Lisa was able to provide excellent tips and possible meal ideas for the days leading up to athletics competitions and on the day fueling. Highly recommended for anyone unsure about what the best diet specifically for you is, to help you achieve maximum results!


Lisa did a fantastic job designing a presentation to our junior track team for their specific level of knowledge and pursuits. Lisa also was excellent at fielding questions from athletes and parents leaning on her relevant/relatable athletic experience and nutritional expertise


Meet the host: Lisa Stanton-Smith

A former 800m (p.b 2:09:62) and 1500m (p.b 4:27:00) national level track runner, Lisa thrives on supporting athletes and active people utilize their body’s potential.

Lisa graduated with her BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine in 2018. Since then she’s quickly become a respected nutritionist in guiding both recreational and elite athletes to greatness. And is often called upon to deliver talks to local and international level sporting squads.

Outside of her nutrition work, Lisa loves exploring local eateries, hikes and admiring a sunset. You’ll also find her tending to her edible garden, walking the dog and out running. 

This program is not for everyone. It's not for you if:

You plan on watching this like Netflix and not actually putting in the work

You need to drop significant weight to make weight-classes for your sport

You have a diagnosed eating disorder or medical condition requiring more personalised care

Ready to catapult to new heights in your sporting journey?

Fuel to Win

For those ready to uplevel their sporting performance
$ 111
  • Online 6 module course
  • Recipe ideas
  • 12 months of access
  • Self paced
I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!
wanting more individualized support?

Work with me 1 on 1

I have limited spaces available for 6 and 12 month private high performance wellbeing coaching. Send me a msg on Instagram for more details and to get started.