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Lisa Stanton-Smith

My journey started decades ago as a national level 800m & 1500m runner. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, and a strong desire to be the best I can be: I sought out any strategies that could make a 1% difference to my performance. In a journey that was riddled with injury and setback: health and the mental game became my secret weapons. At different times, they made me and broke me.

When my athletic career ended, I went on a winding road (via New Zealand) to become a clinical nutritionist. During that time I ended up hospitalized with glandular fever, and developed chronic fatigue as a result. Something my type A personality didn’t want to accept. But I inevitability did, and learnt to heal my body through a very different nutritional and health strategy.

Once qualified, I spent the first two years of practice working in two different health clinics within the Macedon Ranges: an idealistic semi-rural part of Victoria, Australia. During this time I co-hosted dozens of speaking opportunities with local and international sporting squads, corporate organizations and community groups. Naturally, COVID changed the game. I adapted and moved online as a clinician: the only way I could practice whilst living in the most locked down city in the world.

More and more, I found myself attracting clients who wanted more than ‘just’ nutritional support. People were starting to see my other talents, even before I could recognize them in myself. And so as 2021 came to a close, I shifted to offer high performance wellbeing & mindset coaching. A natural progression to my career so far.

Outside of my coaching, I love hiking and running with my Australian kelpie ‘River’; camping and exploring our beautiful country (COVID permitting); tending to our edible backyard garden; baking; admiring a sunset; or enjoying a glass of red with friends.

For those who like to know credentials: I’m a registered nutritionist with Sports Medicine Australia & the Australian Natural Therapists Association. And my qualifications are: Bachelor of Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health.