Are SMART goals still relevant?

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Most people will tell us, that in order to set goals, they must be SMART goals. The type of goals that are realistic and what most would consider ‘attainable’. And whilst I do believe these have their place, I can tell you now, most people wouldn’t have considered Michael Phelps’ goal of winning 8 gold medals in one Olympic Games realistic at all. Most people wouldn’t have considered many of Thomas Edison’s inventions as attainable. Most people wouldn’t have thought Donald Trump could be president(?!)! Whether you feel these goals are worthy is irrelevant: they are undeniably extraordinary achievements.

While most people would be quick to dismiss many of our goals as unrealistic, let me remind you what the stats paint as a picture of our general population. This is not judgmental, merely a reminder of how far we’ve fallen. (I do believe every person is worthy and capable of change – and it’s my life mission to help all of humanity thrive). But, most people are addicted to alcohol and sugar. Most people have a chronic health condition. And most people feel a level of dissatisfaction and unhappiness that doesn’t match the level of opportunity granted in our western world.

The moral of the story? If you want to create an extraordinary level of health, happiness and abundance, it will require stepping outside of the comfortable grounds of ‘normal.’ It will require a level of inner guidance, that is strong enough to drown out the noise of normal conditioning. Our ability to thrive in this life, will require us take the steps and actions that most people think is ridiculous, unnecessary or even crazy. It requires abandoning all notion of realistic goal setting.

Let yourself actually dream. Let yourself imagine the type of life you deeply desire. No matter how crazy, or unrealistic it may seem. Not that you need anyone’s permission, but you are allowed to want more for your life. You’re worthy of everything your crazy mind can dream of. It simply requires, the courage and conviction to go after it. And the grace to hold faith in your convictions even when it doesn’t look like its working. You’ve got this 🤍

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