What I wish everyone knew about fatigue

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From post viral, post partum, post vax, post pandemic… to full blown burnout. The reasons behind and examples of fatigue are, endless. But what has become an increasingly common phenomenon, is not a representation of a normal human functioning. It is not a body in homeostasis. Nor is it something we need to settle for. I believe our energy is our single greatest currency, and learning to honor and rejuvenate it is paramount to living a full life.

Like many of you, I am not immune to the susceptibilities of being human. As someone who has experienced post viral fatigue (after EBV/ glandular fever infection), and more recently post vax fatigue, I am hugely invested in understanding the intricacies of our energy production. I’ve also had the privilege to support countless highly driven athletes, executives, CEOs, mothers, and creatives in returning to a state of vitality after sometimes decades of fatigue. Here is what I wish everyone knew about fatigue and exhaustion:


1. Any symptoms, injuries, accidents etc. are your body’s way of trying to communicate with you that it requires attention and change. The longer we ignore those symptoms, the louder they seem to get.

2. What your body needs to maintain a relatively high level of health, are often very different to what your body needs and craves in order to revert to optimal after illness or injury.

3. No matter the root cause, returning to a thriving existence is possible.

4. We are all innately capable of creating optimal wellness within ourselves. However, it can be immensely quicker, and easier (especially when in the fog of acute sickness), to engage and enlist an expert team of healthcare professionals, coaches & mentors on our journey. We all deserve to be supported like this, without needing to micromanage every aspect ourselves 😉

5. Whilst there are things that can create rapid transformation, when we are dealing with fatigue that is chronic in nature: longer term commitments to our wellbeing are essential.

And lastly, the joy of returning to your most energised, radiant, vital way of being, is one of the greatest gifts you can give not just yourself, but your entire collective of family and friends (and clients/colleagues etc.). After recently needing to take this advice myself, I can’t tell you how incredible it is to be coming out the other side again.

Your coach,


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