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Gut Repair eBook

Learn now to heal your gut for good & get on with enjoying your life.

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    In this eBook you will learn

    Includes key details on:

    • The role of the gut in health
    • A quick lesson in anatomy
    • The microbiome
    • Why do I feel like crap?
    • What’s causing my symptoms?
    • What to eat to feel better
    • Problematic foods & drinks
    • Beneficial foods & drinks
    • Lifestyle factors

    Meet the author: Lisa Stanton-Smith

    Lisa graduated with her BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine in 2018. Since then she’s quickly become a respected nutritionist in guiding clients to longterm sustainable gut health. Often supporting the most complex of cases, who’ve previously lost hope: Lisa loves enabling clients to live life more fully.

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